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Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal

Laser blasts the particles of ink so they are fine enough to be absorbed by the body. However, there are safety implications with laser tattoo removal. Laser breaks down pigment ingredients, which are then absorbed by the body and deposited in major organs of the body. If you're concerned about laser treatments you're not the only one!

Tatt2Away tattoo removal shows ink free skin after just one treatment, unlike laser which gradually fades the ink over many treatments. It is also much faster than laser.

We utilise electrolysis to help remove skin tags, milia, red blood spots, sebaceous cysts, facial thread veins and warts.

After 10 laser sessions!


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Nikki Roper is an approved trainer for Tatt2Away.

- The only Tatt2Away clinic in the UK

- Clinic based in Newark, Nottinghamshire

- Other clinics in the US, Australia and Scandinavia


For expert advice on Tatt2Away tattoo removal, email Nikki Roper.

If you're interested in how your tattoo may be removed in only one treatment, please call.


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Tatt2Away is NON LASER tattoo removal

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Tatt2Away releases the ink so that it comes back out through the skin. This is known as Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR)

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