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Tatt2Away –Professional NON-laser tattoo removal based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK.

Example of tattoo removal

Before treatment

Example of tattoo removal

Stars removed after just
one treatment

18 months after 1 Tatt2Away treatment

Tatt2Away shows ink free skin after just one treatment unlike laser which gradually fades the ink over many treatments.

The Unique Selling Point for Tatt2Away is that it releases the ink so that it comes back out through the skin. Laser blasts the particles of ink so they are fine enough to be absorbed by the body. If you are concerned about reports from the medical profession that toxic tattoo inks can cause cancer you will realise that laser tattoo removal is not the answer. A Professor in Denmark is campaigning to have laser tattoo removal banned throughout Europe.

Read the Sunday Times Article

Tatt2Away removes all colours, unlike laser treatment.

Are you confused by the different types of tattoo removal?

Do you want advice on the difference between laser and NON laser removal ( Tatt2Away )?

ASK THE EXPERT. Nikki Roper has more experience in removing tattoos by the NON laser TEPR system ( trans epidermal pigment release ) than anyone else in the World according to one Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Nikki is happy to give FREE telephone consultations before you decide what type of treatment to have.

Nikki is the approved trainer for Tatt2Away throughout Europe.

Nikki has the only Tatt2Away clinic in the UK. There are also clinics in the US, Scandinavia and Australia.

For an initial FREE telephone consultation with Nikki ring 01636 677745. Alternatively email me for professional FREE advice at